What kinds of stories?
If it's a story that gets told every time there's a new guy in the housethen it's probably what we're looking for.

If your story starts: "You are not going to believe this shit!" OR "...That's nothing, we had...." OR "That was fucked up." OR "You missed it.."... it qualifies.

We want stories of triumph, feel good, bizarre runs, funny firehouse pranks, The good, the bad & the ugly.
Why share your story?
Sharing stories connects people. It allows the writer to share experiences in a way others can't quite express on their own.  Some writers need to get something off their chest. This a good way to share what happened. 

Maybe, like most firefighters, you just want to make people laugh. If you have a story you think will make someone smile or cry, please submit it. 
Submission FAQ's

How are we using the stories?
We're publishing a collection of true firefighter stories for sale. The stories will be available digitally. Additionally, some stories or portions of some stories will be shared on social media. Because we're allowing storytellers to submit written, audio or video stories, we'll likely be publishing in all three forms. Sometimes a story is the focus of attention; other times it's the storyteller. We'll go through each submission to find a place that makes most sense and honors the story and firefighter best.  
What kind of credit will I receive?
We will publish the story with name, photo, charity of your choice & a link to your other work or social media profile if you prefer. 
How do we thank you?
Along with credit for your story, we want to promote the things that matter to you. Do you have a business you want to link? Maybe a charity you support needs a share or shout out. Maybe you are an author or creative and want our readers to hear more about what you're up to. We want to spread the word about those things on our social media and via email. 
Will my name, department, details be used if published?
If you want them to be published, yes. We want to give you credit and that info helps tell the story.  But if you want to publish anonymously and the story has exceptional value, then we'd publish without a by-line. 
Does the story need to be true? or mine?
Yes! It must be true. There is too much fiction in this world. 
Yes! It must be your story. Meaning you were there when it happened.
Who can submit stories?
Firefighters (both volunteer, career or in-between) in any service, active or retired. Anywhere on Planet Earth. 
What if I'm not a great writer/speller/typer?
We'll edit and get it a back to you before publishing, but that doesn't mean, don't try. Seriously, have the young guy/girl at the house/station help you out :) 
Do all submissions get published? 
No. We read each submission, but don't publish everything. If we do choose your story in ebook form, we'll notify you prior to publishing. 
What about HIPPA?
No names of victims. No specifics that would compromised anyone's privacy. Change the names to protect the innocent or guilty.
Do any of the proceeds go to charity? 
Yes. A portion of the profit will go to registered 501C3 fire-related non-profit organizations who support firefighter causes. 
How do I submit my story? 
Click the RED Button above or below to get to the next page. Enter your contact info and we'll send you the submission information. If you have questions at anytime, you can reach us using the contact info in the email.
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